CONTACT INFORMATION (With Mailing Address & Personalized Emails)

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founder & managing director:   tim holland

managing editor:   charles mcguire

contributing editor:  Sylvia Rimini

info & general inquiries


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Times Plaza Station, Box 69

Brooklyn, NY 11217

One thought on “CONTACT INFORMATION (With Mailing Address & Personalized Emails)

  1. Hi,
    I came across your website and saw that you specialize in Fiction & Poetry in New York. Social media sites like Facebook & Twitter hold tremendous
    potential in connecting with prospective customers and ultimately increase sales.
    Essentially, we support you on:
    1. Increasing sales: We use advanced social listening tools to search comments on Facebook & Twitter to identify if people are talking about Fiction & Poetry in New York and pitch your offering. This leads to a very high level of sales.
    2. Engaging fans and followers: We post relevant updates on Facebook & Twitter to increase engagement and brand recall.
    3. Increasing fans and followers: We connect with your target audience on Facebook and Twitter. We guarantee a minimum increase of 3,000
    likes/followers within 3 months.

    We have plans to suit every budget. Would you like me to send across our Social Media proposal customized for your brand?
    Awaiting your reply

    Warm Regards,
    Ingen Thomas.


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